About Us

Kenotom is a privately owned engineering services provider for Embedded and Control Technology based in Thessaloniki, Greece. The combination of talent, experience and young spirit forms an engineering center of excellence for our customers and partners.

We analyse, design, implement and verify source code for Electronic Control Units, we design and develop customer specific PCBs, we develop test automation solutions for unit tests, MiL, SiL and HiL systems, we design and implement control and automation solutions, we act as third party inspectors and support our customers in the project management, process management and overall application lifecycle management.

We empower our customers through our top technical qualification, flexibility, high availability and sense of responsibility. Our experience in the largest European automotive, industrial and robotics companies guarantees a deep understanding of the needs and processes. The minimal time difference to Europe and our skills in both English and German ensure effective and productive communication. Our positioning in Greece ensures minimal outsourcing risks due to cultural, geographical and political proximity, on-site support whenever necessary and significantly reduced costs.

Starting in 2014 in the automotive sector, we have already made our first steps in industrial automation, while the high customer satisfaction drives a rapid growth in all sectors.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be established as the most reliable engineering excellence center in Embedded Systems for Automation in southern Europe. Accumulating an unrivalled know-how and expertise in the field we shall actively participate in the evolution and transformation of the technology in the automotive, avionics and industrial sector.

We feel proud to contribute to reduced development time and optimized processes leading to safer products for the human being.

Our philosophy and values

Our philosophy and values

We consider trust to be the most important factor for a prosperous and effective cooperation. Gaining and maintaining it is our top priority. When trust is established we can focus on the real work that has to be done and deal effectively with every arising challenge.

In an era where things change very dynamically, where the evolution of technology significantly alters even well established industries like automotive and avionics, evolution is a must. We strive to foresee the upcoming changes in technology and adapt beforehand. Strategy is important in achieving this.

We commit to the final goal and fight to achieve the best solution under all circumstances.

Talent is the key! We employ only the best and train them to become experts.


The high customer satisfaction has driven a rapid growth to all sectors: more fields of expertise, larger team, more industries.

Kenotom launched officially in 2014 with a small team of 2 engineers and the first customer in the automotive sector. The first project was the Hardware in the Loop test-automation of an Automotive Transmission Control Unit. Autosar Basic Software development was added in our portfolio in 2015. In 2016 we started dealing with modelling of physical systems for hardware in the loop simulations. In 2017 we entered the field of Function Software Development of Safety Relevant automotive powertrain applications. Electronics design was also added at this time. The test automation activities expanded in the areas of unit tests, component tests and general MiL, SiL, HiL testautomation. In 2019 we undertook our first projects in the aviation sector, designing and implementing the control and automation of testbenches for aircraft components. 

The team keeps growing constantly, together with our projects and expertise, exceeding in 2021 the number of 100 people, while the potential for future expansion remains high.

Our Strengths


Having become the most reputable company in the field of Embedded Systems in northern Greece, we have access to the best entry-level engineers of the area. We hire the best and train them to become experts.

Large experience in the industry

Our leading people have many years experience in large European companies in the automotive, avionics and telecommunication sectors. We are familiar with the industry coding standards, processes and documentation, but also with the daily way of work and the way of communication. This enables us to adapt quickly to your specific needs.

Strong connections to the institutes

We cooperate very closely to the surrounding institutes, through internship programs, diploma thesis, student team sponsorships, consultancy and common research projects. This gives us access to state of the art know how.

Management of high-stress situations

We have dealt with many project rescue situations, where we are engaged in the project when the schedules cannot be followed and deadlines cannot be met. Technical expertise, hard work and positive spirit despite the challenges is the only way to turn the situation into success.

Geographical proximity

Thessaloniki international airport “Macedonia” lies only 15 minutes drive from our premises. With many direct connection flights all around Europe we can be there the next day. The EU membership guarantees hassle-free travelling within Schengen area.

Cultural proximity

The minimal differences in the mentality between the European countries guarantee no communication issues. Furthermore, with our long experience working either in or for European companies we can bridge even these small differences. We connect the worlds and combine the positive things of both sides.


Significantly lower cost compared to central and northern European countries without any compromise in the quality.

Working with us

Working with Kenotom differs only in a subtle way from working with any company in driving distance. The flexibility of the team combined with the geographical proximity enables on site meetings and support in short time. The one-hour time difference with CET, avoids communication issues – we are always available to reach directly either by phone or email.

The Kenotom teams work either independently, having a single point of contact with the customer, or integrate completely to the customer's development team. In both cases transparent procedures and periodical reporting tailored to your organization’s processes minimize the risks.

As a customer oriented company, adaptability is a top priority. We are experienced and adapt to many situations, processes and models, i.e., VModel, KanBan, Agile/Scrum, CMMI, RUP. We adapt any chosen cooperation model: Fixed price, time-based, or dedicated team.

Working with us