Cooperation with institutes

Kenotom gives great value to the surrounding academic community. Kenotom participates very actively in the Internship programs, engaging a significant number of students each year. Diploma theses are supervised in combined projects between Kenotom and the institutes. Part time jobs are also offered to Post-graduate students in order to fund their studies. By this way we have access to state of the art know-how and to highly skilled entry-level personnel.

Aristotle University

Aristotle university of the Thessaloniki (A.U.Th.) is the biggest university in the Balkan area, with approximately 40.000 students in all faculties and a significant output on engineers, SW and HW developers. The strong connection to A.U.Th. originates from the founding team, which in majority graduated from this university.

Faculty of Electrical Engineering

In the period 2014 -2018 16 students fulfilled their internship in Kenotom, from which 12 were subsequently employed. In 2017 Kenotom was nominated the “Best company award” in the internship program.

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Alexander Technological Institute

The Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki is a higher education public institute which specializes on applied sciences. As of 2017, there is a student population of 25.000 registered students with more than 430 faculty members and 200 administrative staff.

Faculty of Automotive Engineering

Students are occupied though internship programs.

Faculty of Electronics

Kenotom Partner and Co-Founder Fotios Panteliadis is nominated Pro Bono advisor in the institute. Students are regularly occupied though internship programs.

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Central Macedonia Technological Educational Institute

The Technological Educational Institute of Central Macedonia at Serres (T.E.I. of Central Macedonia) is a new, dynamic and rapidly developing Institute consisting of two Faculties, eight Departments and more than 14.000 students.

Faculty of Informatics

Kenotom is engaged as an Industry consultant in the MSc in Robotics program. Students are regularly occupied though internship programs.

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