Quality & Information Security System

Quality & Information Security System

KENOTOM is an engineering services provider for Embedded Systems and Industrial Automation.
The Company’s management is committed to:

  • meet the requirements of customers and other interested parties and take the necessary measures to increase their satisfaction
  • keep strictly the legislative and other requirements concerning the Company’s activities,
  • ensure continuous improvement of ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 Management System including compliance to VDA-ISA TISAX requirements.
  • develop know-how knowledge so as to be able to provide high quality services to customers,
  • monitor and correct, when it is necessary, the Company’s progress through the establishment and systematic monitoring of measurable targets and indicators,
  • modify, when it is needed, this Policy so as to ensure its continuous adequacy and suitability,
  • provide our staff with continuous training and appropriate work environment,
  • ensure the confidentiality of information and prevent unauthorized access,
  • take all necessary actions to communicate this policy and Information Security Policies to all relevant parties,
  • provide the necessary resources for the smooth operation of the company,
  • maintain corporate social responsibility and to respect the environment with rational utilization of natural resources and emphasis as much as possible on recycling.


The company’s objectives can be summarized as follows:

  • the establishment of measurable objectives and targets for Quality and Information Security. These objectives are established and evaluated in terms of their achievement in Management Review by the Company’s top management,
  • meeting the requirements and expectations of customers and other interested parties,
  • effective and efficient implementation of projects,
  • continuous improvement of the Company’s ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) performance,
  • continuous financial improvement and continuous improvement in all areas.


General Manager – 11/06/2024 (originally released 25/10/2019)
F. Panteliadis