Implementation Testing & Maintenance of Sensor Software Components

Customer Request

In a project for the automotive industry, sensors that acquire speed, pressure or voltage supply need to be implemented for the customer’s ECU and it is requested to make adaptions to support new change requests and implement new features.

Kenotom Solution

For each software component safety standards ASIL levels and ISO26262 are taken into account and after a thorough understanding of the project requirements, software requirements are created and agreed with the customer.

The software architecture is then designed and the software is implemented afterwards by taking care of the rest currently implemented software in terms of interferences. Real time operation and data acquisition for each sensor is secured.

Kenotom follows customer’s processes and conformity is ensured with reviews and continuous collaboration with the rest of team which works in customer premise.

Tools & Technologies Used






Lauterbach Debugger


Enterprise Architect


Vector CANape & CANalyzer


MKS integrity

Sections Covered