Unit and Component Test Automation with the iSystem Bluebox Debugger

Customer Request

The customer asks for the test specification and test implementation of the unit and component tests of an Autosar BLDC motor software component. Complete code coverage, i.e. branch, decision and multiple condition, is required.

Kenotom Solution

The given code is analyzed and based on the existing requirements, unit and component test specifications are created for the accompanying source code. An electronic control unit is provided by the customer in order to perform the tests on the real hardware. Specialized hardware and software, i.e. the iSystem Bluebox debugger, WinIdea and Testidea is used. Tests run on the real control unit with minimal code instrumentation. Kenotom focuses on the automation of the testing procedure in order to save time, perform tests and evaluate their results in repeatable, organized and flexible way. Test coverage is analyzed, missing requirements are written in cooperation with the customer, source code fixes also proposed in order to reach full coverage. Complete code coverage (branch, decision, multiple condition) is achieved. The results are provided in complete accordance with customer’s processes.

Tools & Technologies Used


iSystem BlueBox





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