Our Services

Kenotom is organized in two engineering groups, focusing on different technology sectors and offering different services and expertise. The Low Level Drivers and Electronics group specializes in software near hardware programming of Microcontrollers, design and development of Printed Circuit Boards with focus on automotive electronic control units (ECUs). The Function Software and HiL Systems group focuses on the Control and Automation Software for ECUs, specification and setup of HiLs for ECU Testing and Testautomation, Control and Automation of Testbenches.

Low Level Software and Electronics Group

Basic Software Development (Low Level Drivers)

Kenotom P.C. offers a wide range of Embedded Software Services to turn a design into a fully functional system. Our team specializes in high performance microcontrollers serving the needs of automotive industry as well as in low cost solutions for robust embedded systems design.

Electronics Design & Development

Embedded systems typically include custom-designed hardware and software, which needs to be developed in parallel. Kenotom P.C. provides a wide range of Electronic design and Development services.

Unit and Component Tests and Testautomation

Unit and component testing of independent software components or a complete software module is one of Kenotom’s major activities.

Function software and HiL systems group

Function Software Development for ECUs

Kenotom specializes in the design and implementation of function software for control and automation of electrical, mechanical and hydraulic systems. Our specifically designed software optimizes the system’s functionality, increases performance and guarantees the safety of the human being.

MiL/SIL/HiL Testing and Testautomation

Kenotom provides complete test automation solutions for Electronic Control Units (ECUs) or ECU software components. Automatic test sequences are developed which guarantee 100% requirements coverage, fully automated execution and report generation.

Hardware-in-the-Loop Systems Design, Setup and Commissioning

Based on your system under test and the required testing functionalities Kenotom can design, specify and setup a best cost HiL solution for ECU Testing. With large experience in various hardware and software platforms through our numerous customer projects, we know in detail the benefits and drawbacks of each.