Basic Software Development

Kenotom P.C. offers a wide range of Embedded Software Services to turn a design into a fully functional system. Our team specializes in high performance microcontrollers serving the needs of automotive industry as well as in low cost solutions for robust embedded systems design. Through engineering excellence, agility and a customer-centered approach, our company’s professional expertise expands in several industries such as Automotive, Smart Devices, Industrial Systems and Consumer Electronics.

The areas of expertise include:

  • AutoSAR Components
  • MISRA Compliant Code
  • (Up-to) ASIL-B Signal Capture
  • (ISO26262)
  • Special Purpose CDDs
  • 3rd Party SW Configuration and Integration

Application Software Development for Control and Automation

Kenotom specializes in the design and implementation of Application Software for control and automation of electrical, mechanical and hydraulic systems. Our specifically designed application software optimizes the system’s functionality, increases performance and guarantees the safety of the human being. Our experience comes from two sectors: a) Automotive Powertrain Applications on Electronic Control Units, which have the highest standards regarding safety, reliability and diagnostics, b) Industrial Testbenches, where typically industrial PCs or of the shelf modular controllers are used

The areas of expertise include:

  • Design and implementation of application software for control and automation.
  • Design and implementation of Functional Safety Software based on the safety requirements.
  • Design, implementation and optimization of closed and open loop controllers for hydraulic, electric and mechanic systems


  • C and C++
  • Matlab/Simulink/Embedded Coder
  • Targetlink
  • Labview

All the aforementioned services are provided as well in the context of automotive conformation and safety standards such as AUTOSAR, ISO26262, MISRA  etc.

Unit and Component Tests and Testautomation

Unit and component testing of independent software components or a complete software module is one of Kenotom’s major activities. Code coverage, branch coverage or MC/DC coverage can be analyzed and guaranteed based on the customer´ requirements. Kenotom does not only test extensively the software components, but actively participates in the development process, by discovering bugs and proposing solutions.


  • Tessy
  • iSystem IC5000 series
  • WinIdea, TestIdea

MiL, SiL and HiL Testing and Testautomation

Kenotom provides complete test automation solutions for ECUs or ECU software components. Automatic test sequences are developed which guarantee 100% requirements coverage, fully automated execution and report generation. Additionally, the large experience in function development and software engineering enables Kenotom to go further than validating the system and finding issues in early stage. Analysis of the cause of the failures and support in resolving the underlying issues is the major strength, speeding up the development process. As a customer oriented company various test-automation platforms are used, commercial as well as customer specific.

Services provided

  • Development of complete test-automation solutions for ECUs
  • Design and implementation of Basic SW and Application Level Tests based on customer requirements
  • Testplan creation, regression test run
  • Analysis of test results

HiL Systems

  • DSpace- Midsize, Scalexio and MicrolabBox
  • Twincat Embedded PCs
  • NI PXI


  • AutomationDesk, ControlDesk
  • ECU-Test (Tracetronic)
  • Labview, Veristand, Testand

Systems Modelling for HiL/SiL/MiL

Kenotom has deep understanding and large experience in modelling of the complete environment of ECUs, in order to perform early stage tests for ECUs in SiL/MiL/HiL systems.  Our expertise originates from numerus automotive powertrain applications and testbenches for automotive and aviation systems, developed for high end customer products. Experience is crucial in order to define the depth and the detail of the modelling. An oversimplified model would not depict the functionalities that are necessary in order to test the ECU. A too complicated model would unnecessarily increase the effort and the modelling time, while the portability and further development would also suffer significantly. Kenotom guarantees an optimal solution based on your testing needs.

Services provided

  • Modelling of electric, mechanic, hydraulic systems or other physical systems
  • Replication of ECU fuctionalities – Restbusimulation


  • Matlab, Simulink, Stateflow
  • Labview
  • C and C++

Hardware-in-the-Loop systems commissioning

Based on your system under test and the required testing functionalities Kenotom can design, specify  and implement a best cost HiL solution. With large experience in various hardware and software platforms through our numerous customer projects, we know in detail the benefits and drawbacks of each.  We have large experience based on the following systems

HiL Systems

  • DSpace Midsize, Scalexio, MicrolaBox
  • TwicCAT embedded PCs and Ethercat
  • Real-Time Linux and Etherlab

Services provided

  • HiL specification based on customer requirements
  • Signal conditioning
  • HiL setup and installation

Requirements Engineering

Requirements Engineering is a very important process in systems design and definition since it is related to the definition, documentation and maintenance of a set of single functional needs that a particular product aims to satisfy. Requirements in general can be defined for every aspect of a project. Kenotom is focusing in System, Electronics and Software requirements engineering for embedded systems which is provided as a service for customer projects related to automotive and industrial applications. For complete system solutions, requirements engineering is part of Kenotom’s engineering process.

A typical set of actions performed during this process from software perspective is:

  • Analysis of Stakeholder and System Requests
  • Authoring of software requirements in accordance with the stakeholder requests and system requirements
  • Verification of software requirements fulfillment after software implementation
  • Traceability and quality assurance throughout the project’s requirements

The process of requirements engineering requires tight collaboration between system, electronics and software engineers and depending on the application context special care is taken to satisfy functional safety management regulations.

Electronics Design & Development

Embedded systems typically include custom-designed hardware and software, which needs to be developed in parallel. Kenotom P.C. provides a wide range of Electronic design and Development services. Our electronic hardware engineers are experienced in designing custom Printed Circuit Boards. From Schematics to optimized Layout design in order to achieve the best trade-off between functionality and product cost according to customer needs.

Services provided

  • Design and development of customer specific Printed Circuit Boards
  • In detail circuit simulation
  • Worst case analysis
  • In-house prototyping with small scale assembly



  • Orcad PSpice®


  • Altium Designer® and Cadence Allegro®

Component engineering

  • Global component and IC evaluation and sourcing

Software Architecture

After software requirements have been defined, the next step towards software implementation is the software architecture design. A structure of software elements and relations between them closely related to the set of requirements defined is provided. Along with the structural diagrams, behavioral diagrams are provided that complete the picture of the system from a dynamic perspective.