MiL/SIL/HiL Testing and Testautomation

Unit and Component Tests and Testautomation 1

MiL/SIL/HiL Testing and Testautomation

KENOTOM provides complete test automation solutions for Electronic Control Units (ECUs) or ECU software components. Automatic test sequences are developed which guarantee 100% requirements coverage, fully automated execution and report generation. Additionally, the large experience in function development and software engineering enables KENOTOM to go further than validating the system and finding issues in early stage. Analysis of the cause of the failures and support in resolving the underlying issues is the major strength, speeding up the development process. As a customer-oriented company various test-automation platforms are used, commercial as well as customer specific.

Services provided

  • Development of complete test-automation solutions for ECUs
  • Design and implementation of Basic SW and Function Level Tests based on customer requirements
  • Testplan creation, regression test run
  • Analysis of test results

HiL Systems

  • DSpace- Midsize, Scalexio and MicrolabBox
  • Twincat Embedded PCs
  • NI PXI


  • AutomationDesk, ControlDesk
  • ECU-Test (Tracetronic)
  • Labview, Veristand, Testand
  • BTC Embedded Tester