Requirements Engineering

Requirements Engineering 1

Requirements Engineering

Requirements Engineering is a very important process in systems design and definition since it is related to the definition, documentation and maintenance of a set of single functional needs that a particular product aims to satisfy. Requirements in general can be defined for every aspect of a project. Kenotom is focusing in System, Electronics and Software requirements engineering for embedded systems which is provided as a service for customer projects related to automotive and industrial applications. For complete system solutions, requirements engineering is part of Kenotom’s engineering process.

A typical set of actions performed during this process from software perspective is:

  • Analysis of Stakeholder and System Requests
  • Authoring of software requirements in accordance with the stakeholder requests and system requirements
  • Verification of software requirements fulfillment after software implementation
  • Traceability and quality assurance throughout the project’s requirements

The process of requirements engineering requires tight collaboration between system, electronics and software engineers and depending on the application context special care is taken to satisfy functional safety management regulations.