Systems Modelling for HiL/SiL/MiL

Systems Modelling for HiL SiL MiL

Systems Modelling for HiL/SiL/MiL

Kenotom has deep understanding and large experience in modelling of the complete environment of Electronic Control Units (ECUs), in order to perform early stage tests for ECUs in SiL/MiL/HiL systems. Our expertise originates from numerous automotive powertrain applications and testbenches for aviation systems, developed for safety critical components. Experience is crucial in order to define the depth and the detail of the modelling. An oversimplified model would not depict the functionalities that are necessary in order to test the ECU. A too complicated model would unnecessarily increase the effort and the modelling time, while the portability and further development would also suffer significantly. Kenotom guarantees an optimal solution based on your testing needs.

Services provided

  • Modelling of electric, mechanic, hydraulic systems or other physical systems
  • Replication of ECU fuctionalities – Restbusimulation


  • Matlab, Simulink, Stateflow
  • Labview
  • C and C++