Application Software Development for Control and Automation

Kenotom specializes in the design and implementation of Application Software for control and automation of electrical, mechanical and hydraulic systems. Our specifically designed application software optimizes the system’s functionality, increases performance and guarantees the safety of the human being. Our experience comes from two sectors: a) Automotive Powertrain Applications on Electronic Control Units, which have the highest standards regarding safety, reliability and diagnostics, b) Industrial Testbenches, where typically industrial PCs or of the shelf modular controllers are used.

The areas of expertise include:
  • Design and implementation of application software for control and automation.
  • Design and implementation of Functional Safety Software based on the safety requirements.
  • Design, implementation and optimization of closed and open loop controllers for hydraulic, electric and mechanic systems.
  • C and C++
  • Matlab/Simulink/Embedded Coder
  • Targetlink
  • Labview

All the aforementioned services are provided as well in the context of automotive conformation and safety standards such as AUTOSAR, ISO26262, MISRA etc.